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Taheri Awarded DoE Early Career Grant

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Dr. Taheri has been awarded a Department of Energy (DoE) Office of Science Early Career Research Grant for her project titled “Linking the Codependence of Grain Boundary Structure and Density to Defect Evolution Mechanisms During Radiation Damage.”

According to the DoE, “this funding opportunity for researchers in universities and DoE national laboratories…supports the development of individual research programs of outstanding scientists early in their careers and stimulates research careers in the disciplines supported by the DOE Office of Science.”

From the abstract: “Development of materials that can withstand high doses of radiation is a key goal for the future of nuclear reactor operation. There has been an increased interest in nanocrystalline materials as
candidates for nuclear reactor components because of their increased strength and theoretical resistance to radiation damage, but there is still not agreement about how grain boundary structure and proximity influence the development of damage. The objective of this work is to develop an understanding of the mutual dependence of damage accumulation on atomic scale grain boundary structure and density during irradiation. . . .”

For more information and a full list of awardees, visit: DoE Early Career Grant Awards