Scotto D’Antuono, Taheri, and colleagues publish in Scripta Materialia

Daniel Scotto D’Antuono, Dr. Taheri, and colleagues’ latest paper, titled “Grain Boundary Misorientation Dependence of β Phase Precipitation in an Al-Mg Alloy” has been published online in the Scripta Materialia.

From the abstract: “Precipitation of β phase (Al3Mg2) in an Al-Mg alloy is investigated by in situ heating and precession diffraction-based orientation imaging in a transmission electron microscope. Initial β formation occurs more readily at low angle grain boundaries rather than at high angle boundaries, however larger precipitates are found at high angle boundaries. We propose a mechanism for β formation based on boundary energy and grain boundary free volume. These results advance the understanding of Β phase formation, aiding future corrosion prevention.”

The accepted proof of the paper can be accessed here.

More information is available on the Elsevier website.

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