Ghassemi, Harlow, Taheri, and colleagues publish in Journal of Materials Chemistry A

Dr. Hessam Ghassemi, Wayne Harlow, Dr. Taheri, and colleagues’ latest paper, titled “In situ environmental transmission electron microscopy study of oxidation of two-dimensional Ti3C2 and formation of carbon-supported TiO2,” has been published online in the Journal of Materials Chemistry A.

From the abstract: “Two-dimensional Ti3C2, also known as “MXene”, was oxidized in air under two different oxidizing regimes in order to produce carbon-supported TiO2. In situ TEM analysis coupled with Raman spectroscopy revealed the formation of either anatase nanoparticles or planar rutile nanocrystals, which were controlled by the time, temperature and heating rate.”

The accepted proof of the paper can be accessed here.

More information is available on the Royal Society website.

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