Greg Vetterick and Chris Barr to attend Irradiation Summer School in Santa Fe, NM

Greg Vetterick and Chris Barr have been invited to attend the Atomic-Level Response of Materials to Irradiation Summer School in Santa Fe, NM from June 20-25.

According to the program website, “The school aims to inform and educate students in the area of radiation effects in materials, with emphasis on atomic-level phenomena. The one-week-long curriculum will cover a range of topics: fundamentals of bonding, crystal structures, defects, and interfaces relevant to nuclear reactor materials; atomistic modeling and materials characterization methods; sources of energetic particles, physics of ion stopping, collision cascades, and radiation-induced defect formation, defect diffusion, and clustering; and influence of radiation damage on the structure, dimensional changes, and properties (e.g., radiation-induced phase transformation, hardening, embrittlement, creep, voids, swelling).”

For more information, please visit: Los Alamos Center for Materials at Irradiation

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