Taheri and Colleagues Awarded $349,486 DoE Instrumentation Grant

Dr. Taheri and Co-PIs Michel Barsoum (MSE) and Chris Peters (ECE) have been awarded a $299,486 instrumentation grant from the Department of Energy as part of a new initiative to strengthen nuclear education at American universities. Drexel University will contribute $50,000 in matching funds to bring the total grant to $349,486. The Taheri group will receive $200,000 to facilitate the design of new in situ testing equipment for radiation damage studies.

As described in the grant proposal, “The unique capability of in situ high temperature straining in TEM allows for the understanding of reactor materials in many different conditions, ranging from those relevant to LWRs to candidates for future Gen IV reactors. The proposed additions to our research and education infrastructure will have a large impact not only on the understanding how current reactors behave, but also it will provide the foundation for developing new reactor materials, and training our future nuclear workforce. The PI is proud to have partnered with Westinghouse on sending students, through our world-renowned co-op program, to relevant industrial internships. The requested equipment provide a boost to this encouraging program.”

For more information, please visit the Department of Energy’s Nuclear Energy University Program website at: http://www.ne.doe.gov/newsroom/2010PRs/nePR070810.html

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