Taheri and Colleagues Publish Materials Characterization Review in Journal of Materials Research

A collaboration of more than twenty leading experts in microstructural characterization, Dr. Taheri’s latest paper, titled “Towards an integrated materials characterization toolbox,” has been published in the Journal of Materials Research.

From the abstract: “The material characterization toolbox has recently experienced a number of parallel revolutionary advances, foreshadowing a time in the near future when material scientists can quantify material structure evolution across spatial and temporal space simultaneously. This will provide insight to reaction dynamics in four-dimensions, spanning multiple orders of magnitude in both temporal and spatial space. This study presents the authors’ viewpoint on the material characterization field, reviewing its recent past, evaluating its present capabilities, and proposing directions for its future development. . . .”

The paper can be viewed directly here.

The paper can also be accessed on the MRS website at Journal of Materials Research.

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