Steven Spurgeon publishes research highlight in MRS Bulletin

Steven Spurgeon has published a research highlight in the Materials Research Society Bulletin‘s October 2011 issue. The article describes work by Oak Ridge researchers in their attempts to use scanning probe microscopy to visualize surface oxidation reactions.

From the article: “Researchers are currently exploring the use of atmospheric oxygen as an oxidizer in fuel cells and lithium-air batteries to improve energy-storage densities. However, its implementation is currently limited by a poor understanding of surface reaction kinetics. In the September issue of Nature Chemistry, a research team reports on the use of a novel scanning probe electrochemical strain mapping (ESM) technique that makes it possible to study volumes of material 106–108 times smaller than current microcontact methods. . .”

The article can be viewed directly here or on the Materials Research Society Bulletin website.
The paper discussed in this article is available at Nature Chemistry.

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