Steven Spurgeon publishes multiferroic research highlight in MRS Bulletin

Steven Spurgeon has published a new research highlight in the Materials Research Society Bulletin‘s November 2011 issue. The article describes work by researchers at the CNRS/Thales Laboratory on interfacial multiferroic coupling between Fe/Co and BaTiO3 thin film layers.

From the article: “Materials possessing coupled room-temperature ferromagnetic (FM) and ferroelectric (FE) order are currently the subject of intense research for use in spintronic memories that store information through charge and spin. Single phase materials displaying such multiferroic order are exceedingly rare in nature, so attention has shifted to artificially-grown thin film FM and FE heterostructures. In the August 21, 2011, issue of Nature Materials, a group led by Manuel Bibes and Agnès Barthélémy at the CNRS/Thales laboratory in Palaiseau, France reports on room-temperature interfacial multiferroicity in BaTiO3 thin films and substrates covered by Fe and Co layers. . .”

The article can be viewed directly here or on the Materials Research Society Bulletin website.

The paper discussed in this article is available at Nature Materials.

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