Steven Spurgeon publishes research highlight on electrical control of magnetism in MRS Bulletin

Steven Spurgeon has published a new research highlight in the Materials Research Society Bulletin‘s December 2011 issue. The article describes work by researchers at Kyoto University and the NEC Corporation to control the ferromagnetic Curie temperature of cobalt by applying an electric field.

From the article: “Designers of magnetic memories have long sought to control the ferromagnetic ordering temperature with the application of an electric field. Such control would enable the design of more efficient, multifunctional memory technologies, but coupled magnetic and electrical order is only observed in a handful of compounds and typically at very low temperatures. Now a research group at Kyoto University has demonstrated room-temperature control of the ferromagnetic Curie temperature of cobalt . . .”

The article can be viewed directly here or on the Materials Research Society Bulletin website.

The paper discussed in this article is available at Nature Materials.

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