DCG students participate in Philly Materials Science & Engineering Day

Scotto Materials Day

DCG students Chris Barr, Chris Winkler, Michael Jablonski, Dan Scotto D’Antuono, Andrew Lang, and Steven Spurgeon participated in this year’s second annual Philly Materials Science and Engineering Day on February 4th. Hosted by Drexel and the University of Pennsylvania, Materials Day gives the public the chance to attend exciting lectures, demonstrations, and tours about materials science.

Michael showed kids how to make liquid nitrogen ice cream, while Chris Barr and Dan demonstrated glassy transitions in chilled sporting equipment. Chris and Dan also helped visitors make their own “bouncy” balls to demonstrate viscoelastic behavior. Andrew, Chris Winkler, and Steven guided visitors through tours of Drexel’s Centralized Research Facilities and demonstrated the operation of different electron microscopes.

This year’s Philly Materials Science & Engineering Day was a great success, with a large turnout from all over the Philadelphia area. For more information about the day’s events, visit: www.phillymaterials.org

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