Spurgeon publishes research highlight on multiferroic tunnel junctions in MRS Bulletin

Steven Spurgeon has published a new research highlight in the Materials Research Society Bulletin‘s February 2012 issue. The article describes work by researchers attempting to design tunnel junctions based on polarization switching of a ferroelectric.

From the article: “Quantum mechanical tunneling across an insulating barrier is the basis for the operation of magnetic tunnel junctions and other novel memories. However, current memory designs are hampered by poor resistance switching ratios and high power consumption. This problem could potentially be overcome by use of a ferroelectric tunnel barrier material which promises high OFF/ON resistance ratios with lower power consumption. Meeting this challenge, an international research group has recently described the design of a ferroelectric tunnel junction with exceptional tunneling electroresistance that may compete with traditional nonvolatile memories. . .”

The article can be viewed directly here or on the Materials Research Society Bulletin website.

The paper discussed in this article is available at Nature Nanotechnology.

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