Winkler, Jablonski, Taheri, and colleagues publish in Journal of Applied Physics

Chris Winkler, Michael Jablonski, Dr. Taheri, and colleagues’ latest paper, titled “Accessing intermediate ferroelectric switching regimes with time-resolved transmission electron microscopy” has been published online in the Journal of Applied Physics.

From the abstract: “BiFeO3 (BFO) is one of the most widely studied magneto-electric multiferroics. The magneto-electric coupling in BiFeO3, which allows for the control of the ferroelectric and magnetic domain structures via applied electric fields, can be used to incorporate BiFeO3 into novel spintronics devices and sensors. Before BiFeO3 can be integrated into such devices, however, a better understanding of the dynamics of ferroelectric switching, particularly in the vicinity of extended defects, is needed. We use in situ transmission electron microscopy (TEM) to investigate the response of ferroelectric domains within BiFeO3 thin films to applied electric fields at high temporal and spatial resolution. This technique is well suited to imaging the observed intermediate ferroelectric switching regimes, which occur on a time- and length-scale that are too fine to study via conventional scanning-probe techniques. . .”

The paper can be viewed directly here.

The paper can also be accessed on the AIP website: Journal of Applied Physics.

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