Spurgeon publishes highlight on laser-induced demagnetization in MRS Bulletin

Steven Spurgeon has published a research highlight in the Materials Research Society Bulletin‘s April 2013 issue discussing laser-induced demagnetization in nickel thin films.

From the article: “The mechanics of laser-induced demagnetization has attracted considerable attention in efforts to develop fast switching optomagnetic logic devices. A femtosecond laser pulse for instance can demagnetize a ferromagnet within a few hundred femtoseconds. Various theories have been proposed to explain how an ultrafast laser pulse can demagnetize a magnetic thin film, ranging from indirect spin-flip scattering to direct laser-induced spin flips. Now, A. Eschenlohr, M. Battiato, and colleagues at Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin and Uppsala University propose that a novel mechanism of superdiffusive electron transport drives the demagnetization. . . .”

The article can be viewed directly here or on the Materials Research Society Bulletin website.

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