Principle Investigator

Mitra Taheri
Principle Investigator

Hoeganaes Associate Professor
PhD Carnegie Mellon University, 2005

LeBow 441
Phone: 215.895.6618

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Post-Doctoral Researchers

Doctoral Candidates

Elaf Anbar

MS Babylon University, 2012

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Caleb Andrews
BS Materials Science, Michigan State University, 2017
Research areas include alloy design, functional materials, materials characterization, and bio-materials through the lens of additive manufacturing.
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Jamie Hart
BS Materials Science and Engineering, Lehigh University, 2013
Research primarily focused on the characterization and development of direct detection electron energy-loss spectroscopy (DD EELS) - a new method for elemental and chemical analysis with improved energy resolution and signal-to-noise ratio. Additionally, using this new technique for various materials science experiments enabled by the improved performance of DD EELS.
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Andrew Lang
MS Drexel University, 2012
Research areas include GaN, Charge Ordered Oxides, Direct-detection EELS technique development, HRTEM imaging, and image simulation
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James Nathaniel

BS Physics, Morehouse College,  2008
MS Physics, Clark Atlanta University,  2011

Research area is radiation tolerance in nanocrystalline metal systems
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Kathryn Small
MS Materials Science and Engineering, Drexel University, 2017 BE Biomedical Engineering, Stony Brook University, 2013
Research areas include HR-EBSD and micro-XRD characterization of local residual stress/strain distribution in additively manufactured metals and associated microstructure evolution.
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Masters Students

Undergraduate Research Assistants